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Deepalekha Banerjee

Nutritionist / Dietician in Whitefiled, Bangalore, India 

This e- clinic attempts to provide a complete 360 degree solution to nutritional wellbeing. It opens up into a whole new world of HEALTH, NUTRITION & WELL BEING. It will promote a new way of reducing weight. Eat More But Eat Right.
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A Healthy outside, Starts from INSIDE. Be the BEST VERSION of YOU. EAT to LIVE, not live to eat

Hold the vision & Trust the process. Being Happy & consistent, balanced diet, lifestyle modification are keys to achieve being healthy. If you have the intent and determination, result is on its way to get delivered. Welcome to my world of health, nutrition, wellness & lifestyle modification. Enjoy eating more but in a healthy way. An individual has the option to eat more without compromising on ones taste palette & choice of food but still be healthy through balanced diet , healthy lifestyle and smart choice of food. Best top rated dietitian Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee gives customised diet plans or diet charts for all your nutritional needs. through online counselling or online consultation small health tips and tricks will also be shared to keep you motivatived to maintain health, bring weight loss, reverse diabetes, PCOS & PCOD, weight gain.  Low calorie home made recipes will motivate one to work more towards being healthy, bring weight loss, in diabetes management, reversing PCOS & PCOD, maintain healthy lifestyle and when it comes from the best nutritionist Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee based out of Bangalore urbar, Whitefield, Bengaluru area its best. Effective customised diet charts or diet plans for lactation, pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, CVD, Fatty liver, medication induced obesity, water retention, odema are provided here. Expert dietitian, Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee is best known for customised diet charts / diet plans for weight loss and reversing diabetes, PCOS & PCOD health related issues. Here is the solution to all nutritional & health issues. Thus hereby presenting a whole world of Balanced Living. 

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