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  • Enough is a Feast - This ThanksGiving be Healthy

    In  On 24 November 2015

    Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and, of course, food. The typical holiday meal can have more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat, according to the Caloric Control Council. That\'s almost three days worth of food for most of us! So Thanksgiving is all about overtreating yourself. We need to alter the tradition this year to be healthy. Fortunately, it is possible to eat right and still enjoy yourself on Turkey Day! Use brussel sprouts with chestnut and sage Opt for mushroom stuffing over cornbread stuffing Relish creamed onion with low fat milk to make white sauce Chose sweet potatoes instead of simple potatoes. Potatoes are high in calories and fat when made traditionally. Unlike Potatoes, sweet potatoes are far easy to roast than boil and mash. Glaze with maple syrup to enhance the flavor. Sweet potatoes are good source of beta carotene, vitamin A and potassium. Be flexible to make apple shallot roasted turkey with cider gravy. Apple and shallot cook inside the turkey to keep the meat moist and add rich flavor and aroma. The shallots also give the gravy a rich caramelized onion depth Instead of Pumpkin pie, make pumpkin mousse Turn to French beans as side dish Chose red wine or white wine in drinks. Red wine contains resveratrol, a healthy antioxidant. In turkey, chose skinless breast over thighs. But amongst all these the two most important things are: Work out more than you usually do Pitch in to guests?%u20AC%u2122 house after dining at your own house. That?%u20AC%u2122s the best way to show gratitude to your guests.  If you are really thiakfull what do you do? You share .. you share your hapiness and positivity. So being healthy is also to be shared this Year in Thanksgiving. Let transform the day from overtreating ourselves to adequately treating ourselves and help others follow the same.                                                                                                                                                     ~Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee <img alt="\&quot;\&quot;" data-cke-saved-src="\" src="\&quot;/uploads/gallery/788719cc45ba3937014fad2961c6d27b/images/Thanksgiving-Day-2015-Info(1).jpg\&quot;" style="\&quot;width:" 576px;="" height:="" 288px;\"="">  

  • How to prevent Vitamin loss from Vegetables and Fruits

    In  On 30 December 2017

    To prevent losses of natural vitamins from vegetables and fruits try to : Cook vegetables and fruits on steam than boiling If you are cooking vegetables in water, use less amount of water so that there is less wastage and remaining little water can be used as stock in future Prepare meals just before serving them Cook frozen foods without defrosting Prepare salads from freshly cut vegetables to restore vitamin B & C Using copper utensils can cause loss of vitamin C, E & folic acid Always buy fresh vegetables and fruits which can be used within 2-3 days Washing vegetables and fruits for a long time can rinse out vitamin B & C, it is best to wash them under running water using a brush Do not expose milk and dairy products to sunrays. They may lose vitamin A,D & B2 Keep food requiring cooling in a fridge (at a constant temperature of 4 degree centigrade)to prevent its going bad. In case of frozen foods, it is best to keepit under temp -18 degree centigrade. Canned and dry foods must be stored in a cool and dry place. Store vegetables, rice, flour in dark containers because sunrays destroy vitamin B2 in them. Avoid continuous reheating of foods Keep skin on the vegetables and fruits as much as possible Cut vegetables into large pieces to reduce surface area Do not use baking soda to retain color Always cook with a cover so that it lessens the cooking time Eat vegetables and fruits raw whenever possible in salads keeping skins on Do not over-cook the vegetables                                                                              ~ Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee  

  • Newspaper and Magazine Publications

    In  On 17 August 2018

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