Dried fruits are trendy this DIWALI.. Say No to Sweets

Dried fruits are trendy this DIWALI.. Say No to Sweets

By Deepalekha Banerjee  on: 08 November 2015
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Sweets Vs dry fruits. It’s an ongoing, closely fought battle for demand this Diwali.

Fructose (fruit sugar) is broken down slower by the body allowing the body to react more efficiently to the sugar you have just eaten, sucrose (sweet sugar) is broken down quicker by the body and can cause your body's natural sugar levels to change more quickly.

Thus dried fruits are always better an option than sweets in this Diwali. But Dried fruits has some disadvantages. If these disadvantages are not kept in mind then one tend to consume more calories than consuming sweets or fresh fruits.

Key points to remember:

  • Water is removed from fresh fruits to make dried fruits. Thus the sugar & fibre in fruits gets concentrated.
  • No one eats one or two dried fruits. They take a handful of them. This causes more calorie and sugar intake. Because drying fruit removes its water content, the portion size shrinks by about three-quarters. If you dehydrate one cup of fresh apricots, you’ll get 1/4 cup of dried apricots.
  • Dried fruits contain preservatives like sulphites which causes digestive and respiratory problems
  • Concentrated Fructose in dried fruits doesn’t send alarm bells to the brain to say you’re full. It fails to stimulate – and, indeed, blocks – appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin. This is why we don’t stop at 1-2 apricot
  • Dried fruits are hard to digest. Fiber and water exist together in nature to help digest foods properly. Without water, dried fruit is hard to push through the gut and can cause some un-wanted problems.

To conclude when consumed in moderation dried fruits are far better than sweets this DIWALI. Just keep an eye on the portion size of the dries fruits you consume to restrict yourselves from consuming more calories and more fructose.

 for more details on dried fruits please visit http://deepalekha.blogspot.in/2015/11/dried-fruits-are-smartly-in-this-diwali.html

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