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By Deepalekha Banerjee  on: 17 August 2018
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Feedback after enjoying MANGO whole season
29 July 2018
MANGO – the “King” of all fruits. Mango is considered to be the most delicious and loved fruit amongst all fruits, however, probably the most feared too. There is, in general, apprehensions of side effects of the fruit that, consumption of it lead to increase in one’s weight. Agreed, Mango is a high calorie fruit, however, that one factor should not hinder all other nutritional benefits which it provides to us (Refer to my previous blog to know the beneficial factors of Mango - The mango season is almost to an end. I have planned almost all the diet charts by including the fruit. Thus, my clients have enjoyed mangoes throughout the season and have shared their positive feedback about the “King”, few of them are given below : Priti sharma - As you know excess of anything is bad, it holds true when it comes to eating the sweet and addictive mango, especially when you want to lose weight. I love eating mangoes and when I disclosed it with my dietician Dt. Deepalekha, she didn't say no to my craving for mangoes. Instead she added it to my everyday diet before lunch, just a little amount, half a bowl with coconut water. It was within my calorie limit, and the urge to eat mangoes was also satisfied. It doesn't increase my weight even after eating it every day. Just eat how much is assigned to you, over-eating of mangoes needs to be avoided. Ankita verma - Mango is the king of fruits. I wait for scorching summers only so that I get to eat mangoes. I absolutely love love mangoes. But usually people have this false impression that mangoes lead to weight gain. But I don't believe so. I had mango almost everyday before noon and yes I have lost weight. What I personally feel that eating mango always improves my digestion which in turn leads to better gut health Raji – One of my favorite fruits mango.. Could never imagine that such a sweet fruit could be part of a diet which has helped me lose weight.. I still wonder how it worked but that's Deepa's magic Madhavanandha S - Mango is our nation fruit how can I miss it in summer. Got as part of my diet chart enjoyed having it alternate days as it has become must I had it else might have missed too. Having Mango has not disturb my weight few days weight have come down in spite of having Mango. Thanks to Deepalekha  giving me mango in the chart. Somdutta Mitra - Summer without mangoes  is no fun and this summer as I was on a diet , I thought I would only have to see others enjoying this absolute miracle of nature, mangoes. But thanks to Deepalekha di and her fantastic diets that I had mangoes every single day and my weight still dropped. Yes I was apprehensive but with her around I only have to think about enjoying the goodness of food and still being healthy. Balaji R - I am here to share my next experience with optimum weight loss program. I am now in the last week of my three months program. I have lost close to 20 Kg in three months which is a remarkable achievement for me. It was possible because of Deepalekha's diet planning and the support even during my business visit outside India as well. Another important point to mention, Deepalekha included the king of fruits "Mangoes" wow I love them to the core. I requested her to include it in my diet plan. Ideally mangoes have more calories and tend to add weight, but with her diet planning, I still lost weight. I am much impressed  with this program and now opted for extension. Kudos and thanks to Deepalekha !! Kamatchi Gopinath - I started this weight loss program while when i was 90 kgs.. rite now i lost within a short period of schedule prepared for me, always keeps me full and energetic.   Mango..hmm  first i love mango...pre lunch taking mango make my appetite while lunch and make me finish full salad, rice and vegatable. and make me warm.  right now i am in mid way to reach my goal. have to reach my BMI rating. Sivakumar - Is this Mango  good for Weight Loss ? Eatable by Diabetic??  Are you Ok??? On People Voice…I too one of them. But the fact is “BIG YES” from Deepa’s Camp. I doubted, I tested,  Now I trusted. Yes She is right usual !!! Good food!! Good Health – Mango – Gift for WT loss….. Mehek – Summer is the season of Mangoes and we all love them. But from past few years, I had stopped eating them for fear of gaining weight. I was surprised when dietitian Deepalekha added Mango to my daily diet plan for weight loss – All Thanks to her for breaking the myth that mangoes are fattening !!!!!  Now I am snacking daily on this nutrition filled wonder fruit from the last 2 months, it is also satisfying my craving for sweet and moreover still losing weight. These are tasty fruits are seasonal hence one must celebrate all seasons…                                                                                                                         ~Dt. Deepalekha      
Tapioca - Good or Bad for health
07 December 2018
  Tapioca pearls are best used as alternative to gluten free diets as it the free of glutens natural source of resistant starch.  Resistant starch is resistant to digestion. Provides lot of edurance energy to restricted diets as tapioca is high in calorie Good source of iron Good source of manganese – essential trace mineral which helps in carbohydrate, amino acid and cholesterol metabolism Low in sodium so ideal for people with high BP, heart disease nad stroke Natural source of calcium Good source of folate Helps in weight gain The calorie index? Tapioca is very high in calories. Moreover it is considered as empty calories with minimum or negligible nutritional benefits. Why does it make you feel 'full' soon? Tapioca is a natural source of resistant starch. Resistant starch is resistant to digestion. It works as fibre in the digestive system. Thus makes you feel full soon. How can one maximise on its health benefits: like is it best to have it soaked overnight and then cooked etc? Soaking overnight gives a soft and smooth texture to the soup or porridge or pudding. Soaking softens the tapioca. If not soaked properly it will be hard and will not release enough starch to make the preparation smooth and thick. But if there is less time then few hours of soaking in hot water will also do the same magic   What is with the new trend of tapioca teas? As a source of nutrition, tapioca is a nonstarter. Though it is a staple in some native subsistence diets, its only contribution is as a carbohydrate for quick energy. The vitamin and mineral content is very low, and the lack of fiber is so notable that even if you could consume enough tapioca to get some small nutritional benefit, you’d likely become very constipated. We can enjoy boba tea for its sweet, exotic flavor and the chewy tapioca, not because it’s good for us. The effects of phenols and polyphenols present in tea have been extensively studied and have shown promise against cardiovascular conditions and obesity. But the amount of sugar consumed drinking enough boba tea to get those benefits would not be worth it. Any caution call: does too much intake spell trouble, how? Yes too much intake can cause trouble. It is simple carbohydrate loaded with empty calories and with very low or negligible nutrients. It causes rapid weight gain. It can also disturb the sugar level in the body. Tapioca allergy is rare, intolerances to the ingredient have been reported, primarily among those who have celiac disease or other digestive diseases. Improper preparation of the cassava root can result in significant health symptoms when ingested. For example, inadequate cooking, soaking, or fermenting of the cassava root or the cassava peel may result in cyanide poisoning, neurological effects, and goiters. Some tapioca flours may also contain added sulfite, so not recommended for people with sulphur intolerance.                                                                                                                                               ~Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee  
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Nutritionist / Dietician in Whitefiled, Bangalore, India 

Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee, M.Sc. in Food & Nutrition (from Jadavpur University, Kolkata) having app. 15 years of professional experience in the Nutrition and Dietetics field. She has worked with brands like Nestle (Gurgaon), Apollo Hospital (Kolkata) and VLCC (Gurgaon & Kolkata) and is currently functioning as Nutrition and Dietetics Consultant to her clients in India and abroad.Her field of expertise ranges from weight loss programme, diet for diabetics, renal diet, hepatic diets, diet for good heart, pregnancy and lactation diets and the list goes on. Though the current era is all about 'speed', she doesnot believe in 'Crash Diets', however in disciplined life style and positive attitude towards life. She is a very effective counselor and a 'go to' person.One should eat to live, not live to eat~Moliere.....this site provides a complete 360 degree solution to nutritional wellbeing encompassing lifestyle modification including frequent health tips, weight & figure management.Please visit my facebook page - this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? My e clinic; '360 Degree Nutricare by Dietitian Deepalekha' helps you attain optimal health by personalised diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tommorow!  Looking for weight loss diet or a  Dietician in Whitefield or in Bangalore? Interested in excellent weight loss service online or in Bangalore? Then contact us. You can view our reviews and experience of our clients who have successfully reduced weight through healthy weight loss diet charts. NO Fad / Crash Diets, NO Starvations, No Gadgets and No Unsubstanciated claims! Deepalekha's diets aims at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment,  with long term results and  benefits
Deepalekha Banerjee
Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee
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