Time for change

Time for change

By Deepalekha Banerjee  on: 22 January 2016
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Daily we spend so much time in cooking to provide enjoyment to our family and relatives and also it is a source of source of energy and innovation. But most of us are not aware of some of the bad cooking habits we are practicing daily and those are harmful. How long you want to live with your bad habits? Get rid off them soon after knowing why. Some Bad Cooking habits to get rid off are as follows:

  • Heating oil until it smokes – When oil is heated to the smoke point or reheated repeatedly, it starts to breakdown destroying the oil’s beneficial anti oxidants and forming harmful compounds.
  • Stirring your food too much – It prevents browning which is a flavor booster. It breaks food apart, thus making your meal mushy or lumpy.
  • Rinse your meat before cooking – This gets rid off the slime factor which contaminates the sink with bacteria to cause food bourne illness.
  • Using Non-stick pan on high heat – High temperature may cause the non-stick pans to release PFCs (Perfluorocarbons) in the form of fumes. PFCs are associated with liver damage and developmental problems.
  • Using metal utensils in non-stick pans – This can lead to scratching of the surface of the pan which could to lead to ingestion of the PFCs in the non-stick lining.
  • Overmixing batter – The mechanical action during mixing causes gluten formation in the flour. Thus making baked goods tough.

Now hopefully cooking will become more interesting and enjoyable for many of my readers as they will practice healthy cooking habits in their kitchen and also pass on the same message to others. So let us practice & enjoy HEALTHY COOKING!!


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