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Optimum Weight Loss Program

Optimum Weight Loss Program

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This program provides you with a detailed personalised diet plan based on an individual\'s height, weight, age, lifestyle and medical history. There is no starvation involved in the program. So no loss of stamina or feeling of weakness. The e-clinic does not believe in crash diets.The e-clinic fully assissts you in modifying your lifestyle and maintaining the same lifelong. The results are long lasting and there is no weight rebounce if healthy lifestyle and guidelines are maintained. The e-clinic runs fully online. So you save on time  and energy as there is no repeated visiting to clinics.  


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I am here to share my next experience with optimum weight loss program. I am now in the last week of my three months program. I have lost close to 20 Kg in three months which is a remarkable achievement for me. It was possible because of Deepalekha's diet planning and the support even during my business visit outside India as well. Another important point to mention, Deepalekha included the king of fruits "Mangoes" wow I love them to the core. I requested her to include it in my diet plan. Ideally mangoes have more calories and tend to add weight, but with her diet planning, I still lost weight. I am much impressed  with this program and now opted for extension. Kudos and thanks to Deepalekha !!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 12 Jul 2018

Is this Mango  good for Weight Loss ? Eatable by Diabetic??  Are you Ok??? On People Voice…I too one of them.

But the fact is “BIG YES” from Deepa’s Camp. I doubted, I tested,  Now I trusted. Yes She is right usual !!!

Good food!! Good Health – Mango – Gift for WT loss.. 

Thanks Deepa for eye Opening !!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 12 Jul 2018

I started this weight loss program while when i was 90 kgs.. rite now i lost within a short period of schedule prepared for me, always keeps me full and energetic.  

Mango..hmm  first i love mango...pre lunch taking mango make my appetite while lunch and make me finish full salad, rice and vegatable. and make me warm. 

right now i am in mid way to reach my goal. have to reach my BMI rating.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 11 Jul 2018

Great feeling to be 10 Kgs lighter !! Besides the motivation to go onn... all thanks to the highly professional guidance of Dt. Deepalekha who stood beside me almost everyday and encouraged me not to cheat myself..!!

Its been an incredible journey with very user friendly diet charts, which do not take a toll on onself. The results are visible almost immediately if you stick to the plan..!? I am glad that I took the wise desicion to consult you as had failed miserably on numerous past attempts.

YOU ARE THE  BEST. ...A very friendly , docile and accessible person. I strongly reccommend anyone who has made numerous attempts but has failed to loose weight.

Last but not the least would express my heartfelt gratitude for your highly professional and personal guidance to ensure the journey of weightloss satisfying and energetic with the motivation to go on and achieve the final goal  which no other programme or person could do it for me.


Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Jul 2018

The best Dietician.....first cleansing our body with fruits in the all nutrients in my diet...always eating but losing weight ....peculiar formula....all should be awared what they love to eat....i came to know the right food to have in right time ...thanks mam....within a month i lost 2 kgs...if anybody wants to shed pounds deepa;ekha mam is the best dietcian ........

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 11 Jun 2018

I would take this page to Thank U DR Deepalekha for the weight loss. I appreciate for the patience you show and your swift response. I have challenged her a lot in 3 months but still she support me which have reduced 7 kgs in 3months. You have customised diet chart to my preference which have made to follow the diet in ease. Thank you once again Deepalekha looking forward you service in coming days to reduce more....................



Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 10 Jun 2018

Dr Deepalekha teaches you a new lifestyle. You eat everything including rice, mangoes, biryani but at right time and quantity. She will give you all your favourite food to eat . Always available to answer your questions and very patient even if you are not doing that great. Thanks Dr Deepalekha for introducing me to this lifestyle. It is so doable and easy that I am sure I will continue this for my entire lifetime.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 06 Jun 2018

My Friend introduced me to this program. I called Deepalekha over phone and consultes. She gave me all the guidance and was giving extensive support. I could see that iam loosing weight on daily basis and feeling great. Thanks Deepalekha for your continuous guidance and support I will strongly recommend her to my friends and relatives Thanks Balaji.R

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 May 2018

I was suffering from PCOS problem from last few years, finally i met Dr. Deepalekha. She sepnt almonst an hours on my first visit. With help of her Optimum Weight Loss Program, i lost 6 kgs in just 3 months.It was not about less food but more about right food at right time and also some basic good habits like taking my morning walks. interestingly some of the healthy dishes were absolutely yummy. Most saticfacotry result is that i got my peroids back on time. Thanks Dr. Deepalekha

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Apr 2018

I want to Thank you as I lost 6 kgs in just two month with such a easy and healthy , yummy diet plan which is so easy to have and that too what..."I have gotten truly expert advice from you as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 16 Apr 2018

I would like to say thanks to you deepalekha. Diet plan suggested is very good healthy diet plan, which helps me to reduce   3 kgs. I would strongly recommend to my friends and family.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 14 Apr 2018

Deepalekha di , as I call her is an extremely warm person and an even more able and competent dietician and nutritionist. She absolutely excels in her field. I have been suffering from weight related issues for a long time and have consulted quite a few dieticians but I found her way very different. Her idea of a complete lifestyle modification and balanced diet in comparison to weird crash diets and starvings recommended by others is a refreshing change. It's been close to a month now and I have already lost 3 kgs and have seen a lot of positive changes. I would love to carry forward this association with her and I wish her all the best.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 12 Apr 2018

I lost 7.7 kgs in 45 days !!!. Thanks to deepa mam. I have pcos and I struggled to lose weight after my delivery. I approached deepa mam for optimum weight loss. I followed her diet as it is. it's a miracle to me. Thank you deepa mam for your motivation. She always say good when I reduce even 200g per day. She is very good  dietitian.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 03 Apr 2018

WoW – It’s Deepa’s Magic. 115kgs to 90kgs in 75 days ….!!! 25kgs lost !!

What I did, just followed her instructions blindly, rest of that.. desired result!!  Wherever I go, I should answer how it’s happened and give them guidance of Deepa and her contact details.

Heartful thanks to Deepa, will be lifetime follower on diet 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Apr 2018

Highly effective and precise planning for each day of the week with continuous support in all respect which includes even scolding on not following the plan strictly. Compliance to the plan in dedicated manner will bring out results beyond expectations. Highly commendable efforts with continuous feed back mechanism is praiseworthy. Would recommend others to join the customized diet plan for a healthier future

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 Mar 2018

It's been a month and half I've started the diet plan under Deeplekha mam's guidance and I would say that I am really happy with the results. I've shed quite some weight without staying hungry at all and eating yummy food at the same time. And i am not only losing weight but I am shedding Inches as well. My clothes have started getting lose as well and that adds to the joy all the more.

Submitted By: , Rating: 4/5*
On: 23 Feb 2018

I am very happy with professional help given by Dt. Deepalekha who has given me only positivity and hope to reach my weight loss goals. I have lost close to 9kgs in the first three months after joining her weight loss program which is a lot considering my hectic workschedule and stress that goes along with it...This was possible only through her customised diet plan keeping my lifestyle and work hours in mind.I still have a long way to go in terms of my weight loss milestones and this is just a beginning and I am positive that with Dt. Deepalekha's help , it is so achievable....

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 11 Feb 2018

I am having PCOS and thyroid and its very difficult to  reduce weight Apart from this I am a working woman so it was very dficult to follow diet but Deepalekha provided me the right diet which can be prepared easily with less time. I have already recommended my friends who want to lose weight because I reduced 6kg in the time period of 2 months. Thanks u deepa! 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Feb 2018

Deepalekha is a very good dietician very patient and she suggests very good diet according to my health issues which that helps me to shed few kgs and to maintain

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 30 Jan 2018

Deepalekha mam is a very committed dietician who not only takes care of accommodating the food preferences of her clients but also does constant follow-up and motivate to keep the momentum going... She is very flexible in her diet plans and makes sure that people do not fully miss out their favorite dishes..  Her diet plans are not crash diets but a gradual progression towards the goal with long terms benefits.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Jan 2018

Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. , I am please to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more.Deepalekha is dedicated to her clients, quick response to our queries lifestyle has completely changed ,she did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to   introduce healthier things into my diet. I have reduced 3.1kg in 2 months.. I my self feel brisk , more active. Thank you very much mam for your support

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 24 Jan 2018

I always thought diet is equal to starvation. But Dt. Deepalekha just proved me wrong. Her diet chart includes all varieties of food that you will never crave for something else. Being a working woman I was initially worried whether I will be able to follow the diet. But her recipes are simple and less time consuming, yet tasty. If you are looking for ways to lose weight then this is the right place.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 Jan 2018

I was looking for a dietitian who can help me to lose weight. I am having PCOS and its very difficult to  reduce weight Apart from this I am a working women so following diet 100% is not possible but Deepalekha provided me the right diet which was possible for me to carry on during my working hours . She is very good in giving me the right diet and she encourages me and follows up with me to keep a track and due to this I am very happy to be following her diet... for sure I will recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight .I reduced 3kg in the time period of 1 and 1/2 month.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 20 Jan 2018

I came to know about Deepalekha through my friend Priya, upon visibly seeing the results for her I chose to join. Initially i did not lose anything but on strict stick to chart provided, I started losing my extra pounds. The best part about my overall diet plan is I gained lots and lots of knowledge about foods and introduced to many recipes, tasted many veggies, which I haven't tried so far (:P and they all tasted yummy). I ate well no cravings at all. But i have lost 5kgs in 90 days without a big struggle. Being a working mom I skipped walking which was part my diet plan. I feel if I have gone for walking, I have lost more pounds. But again, this was AWESOME. She listens all my queries and answered very very patiently and even somedays I have forget to update her, but she never forgets checking me on progress. with so much care and patience she handles every one. At the end of the my program I lost my target pounds and gained a nice FRIEND forever. Thanks Deepa!!!. You're the BEST!!!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 30 Nov 2017

Lost 4 kg in a months

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Nov 2017

It is nice journey with dear Deepalekha mam and reducing day to day. Would like to continue till my goal is achieved. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 16 Nov 2017

I was looking for a dietitian who can help me to lose weight. After meeting Deepalekha I felt she can help me out to fight the battle against obesity... My main health issue was PCOS, which nowadays 99% of women are suffering from, and to lose weight having PCOS is very difficult. Apart from this I am a working women so following diet 100% is not possible but Deepalekha provided me the right diet which was possible for me to carry on during my working hours and after loosing 1 kg in my first 2 week, which in fact I followed only partially but I got a ray of hope and felt I can do it... now lost around 5 kg, I am very happy with the progress. She is very good in giving me the right diet and she encourages me and follows up with me to keep a track and due to this I am very happy to be following her diet... for sure I will recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 Oct 2017

Customized  diet plan so good and I am able to till now  reduce 6 Kg approximately in one month with good enery level entire day and good sleep in the night . Your diet program so good and meticulous .  I  am  able to  reduced weight with out any discomfort   . Thanks for the service .

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 11 Oct 2017

" If I were to describe my experience with Dr. Deepalekha's consultation in a couple of words, it would be : "Absolutely worth it." I approached Doctor at a point in time when I was at least 10 kgs overweight (and counting) for my height and was beginning to experience certain symptoms of PCOS. For 2 years I experimented with certain diets that were assured to make one lose weight soon but nothing worked, obviously, as I was not guided by a professional. I finally approached Doctor thanks to the recommendation from my gynec. My weight and a simple assessment of my daily food habits and activities was all she needed to prescribe a diet. The diet seemed simple and I was skeptical initially, but all it took was one week to make me a believer. The weight began to drop and I began feeling so much better overall. Her diet is very easy to follow and at no point did I feel restricted. Doctor is very dedicated in keeping tabs on the progress so it is important to meet her halfway with your feedback in order to achieve the best results. Now three months later and 8 kgs down, I am keen to maintain the good results using all the information I have gained along the way from following her diet.  Two thumbs up for the experience, she is a miracle worker!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 28 Sep 2017

I was unable to reduce weight due to few complications. After maam's diet , I have reduced 3.5 kilograms in one month time.Thanks to her for proper guidance and help. This is amazing for me. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 21 Sep 2017

I always had a weight issue from the time I was a child. After getting married I gained 20kgs, and due to this I was not able to have a baby. So I was referred to Deepalekha madam.
I started dieting on 13th of August and I've  lost 3.6 kgs. I want to thank her for her support.
She plans the diet in such a way that you will not starve.                        
She takes into consideration your life style and your work timings and plan a holistic diet, which will definitely show results.                        
Since, all of us are busy nowadays, she very much available online and helps and motivates us all the time. I completely recommend Deepalekha madam, as a great dietician for weight loss.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 21 Sep 2017

I had been wanting to go to a dietitian since long as over the years, had built on weight to an extent that it was getting uncomfortable on a day to day basis. With the age increasing as well, it was important to regulate the weight and hence look at avoiding weight gain related health issues.

Deepalekha Ma'm maintains the rigour in terms of monitoring the weight and the diet content, provides suggestions when it is difficult to maintain the prescribed diet for a meal or more. She is a perfect person who can hound some one a little lazy like me. 3 months ( as of now ) of her diet regime has helped me become quite disciplined ( both in terms of the morning walk and resisting junk/harmful food ). INitial cravings are really torturus to resist but that is where she can help in providing different alterbatives as well. Thank you Ma'm for all the help provided so far. If I were far more disciplined in the initial stages, maybe my weight loss would have been more than what I have lost ( this is the only regret ! ).

Ensuring that we remain helathy is important. While Ma'm can help you achieve this, it is upon oneself to be determined, stay away from all the cravings, be transparent on any deviations etc.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Sep 2017

I have tried a lot of diets on internet but Dr. Deepalekha has given me knowledge with her diet on what can i eat on my daily basis life. Her diet is nothing fancy but easy to get like our everyday food in a different style. Now i know what i can eat life long.

Thanks for the help.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 15 Sep 2017

I have seen great improvement in my weight loss after joining the optimal weight loss program. The customised diet plan helped me loss around 5 kg which was a great achievement for me as I won't lose weight that easily. Deepalekha was friendly and was always available to reach out to for any clarifications and guidance.Thanks a lot. There is no starving in the diet and thats the best part. She make sure that we get all the nutrients in our diet with recipes. My eating habits has changed a lot.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 13 Sep 2017

Hi All,

I have heard that nothing is impossible if we try. That is something I experienced when I came in contact with Dt.Banerjee.

I was suffering from a very serious medical issue for last one year, getting no result, Dt.Banerjee was my last hope and yet my decision of meeting her and follow her instructions helped me to achieve what I wanted.

Dt.Banerjee has helped me in learning that weight loss or rather weight control is very important in once life and it's not at all difficult. Eating the right thing at right time will help to achieve this goal. I have lost a good amount of weight and feel much lighter and happier from inside.

When me and my husband saw her diet chart we just thought I had so much to eat, was it a diet chart or something else, chart says that I need to eat Chicken Biryani and Smoothies. Well, for a foodie person like me this diet chart is a delightful and a happy weight loss program. The breakfast session is the most interesting aspect of the diet chart. I must admit I always looked forward for the things that she gave me to eat in breakfast. Its rightly said breakfast make the day.

Dt.Banerjee has a very good knowledge and depth on the subject and that shows. I wish her all the very best and to keep up the good work

Binita Mitra

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 06 Sep 2017

Doctor Deepalekha has been extremely supportive of my weight loss program.. She brought in a discipline and has regularised my diet pattern which helped me lose a lot of inches along with weight.. She is very encouraging and a great frnd who guided me everyday through my program

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 05 Aug 2017

I have always been very skeptical to follow diets since they were either very strict or very monotonous. Such diets were never sustainable for me and I ended up without losing any weight and frustrated. I then decided to follow a nutritionist and happened to me Deepalekha Banerjee.
It has been a little over 2 months that I have been following a weight loss diet prescribed by her.
The best thing about the diet she gives a that it is holistic and balanced. She takes special care of individual needs and provides a customised diet accordingly.
She also reviews and closely monitors your weight loss each day and if there is a need she changes the diet accordingly.
She also includes cheat days to curb the cravings. In all I feel that her diets are simple and easy to follow, doesn't ask for a lot of sacrifice from you and are never monotonous, I have infact enjoyed them every day. She has completely changed my understanding of a weight loss diet and I am ever grateful to her!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 05 Aug 2017

I was pretty doubtful when I began the program, especially that I never had a history of losing any amount of weight. I only put on but never lost. It was very difficult during the initial days of the program, but gradually I began to see results - and that's when I started enjoying it.

What was more amazing is that Deepalekha was actually more motivated than me to make sure I slimmed down - and that was a great thing to see. What's especially nice is that she's genuinely interested in making sure your goal is achieved - more like a great coach of an amazing team - You'll know it when you win the trophy!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 03 Aug 2017

I live in hostel and it is hard to manage and follow the diet where even cooking is not the diet plan was so good that i never feel like starving and managed to losse 4kgs within a month...

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 02 Aug 2017

I tried different ways to loose my weight and that included 12,000 per month personal trainer and nothing helped me until I met Dr.  Deepalekha.  She is an amazing dietician.  I never feel like I am dieting.  Infact my husband asked me once  how much  I am eating a day.  she is also a good friend who patiently hear me out whenever I want to Vent out my frustrations.  I am glad I found u.. And I am sure my body too...

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Aug 2017

Dt.Deepalekha is really good at her work. Being a pilot and having a healthy lifestyle or healthy eating habits were like north pole and south pole to me. But  she just changed my viewpoints and proved that nothing is impossible. I still lost 3kg in a month. Without you motivating me and restricting me it's impossible . I wanted exactly what you are and finally found you. There is neither any rigorous workouts I have to work on too. I like the way you encourage for walks. Every food is healthy what you tell me and I don't starve myself too. Thank you so much for your guidance and support.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Jul 2017

" All the money in the world cant buy you back good health"

Dr. Deepalekha is the perfect choice to learn what to eat and when to eat...
Initally i was in 63 and now i'm 57, it just beacause of Dr.Deepa, the diet i received from her was so easy, time convenient and so healthy. 

I learned lot from her including food habits, timing, and even how to make those foods:).
I must thank her for teaching right foods, changing time & chart according to my office shifts and for your patience to answer all my frequent queries:)

Dr. Deepa is the Right Choice for Learning and adapting good & right Food habits in the possible way 


Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 21 Jul 2017

I lost 4kgs in 3 months, though my weight loss is slow, I earned knowledge about healthy and a balanced  diet from Dr. Deepalekha. The weight loss is still going on and I am sure that soon I am gonna see a fit of me. Thanks to Dr. Deepalekha for all the diet plans and encouraging words which keeps you motivated in your weight loss journey. Personally, I felt that she is good in explaining the reason behind why we eat this and what benefit will it bring it to you. Because, when someone is clear about what they are doing , then for sure they will also get the best out of it. So I would for sure recommend Dr. Deepalekha for anyone who wants to know what a healthy diet means. Cheers to her.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 18 Jul 2017

Before consulting Deepalekha, I've been trying multiple diets such as GM, Naturopathy, Fruit diet, Veggie diet and many more from internet. I donot blame any of these diets, but it was difficult for me to follow the same for more than 4 or 5 days. I got a tendency to start skipping slightly and loose the entire flow. But after Deepalekha's consultation and started following her diet, I never purposefully skipped the pattern (unless situation demands) and in a timeframe of 20 days, I lost 7kgs (I fall under obesity G2). Even if I skip something, I'll inform her the same and in next two days she will tune my diet to overcome the effect. 

Moreover, I am not starving at any single point of time. I am eating as much as I can and I guarantee you that her diet is not something just to follow during your weight loss program, but a lifelong diet. I am a non-vegetarian and during this diet I eat all sort of non-veg items, but needs to follow the instructions. So eventually I did not cut short any of my dietary intake (some exceptions), but I added more and still reducing weight. That is why I kept the title as "Magical Diet".

Thank you Deepa%u2026 

Before consulting Deepa, I've been trying multiple diets such as GM, Naturopathy, Fruit diet, Veggie diet and many more from internet. I don%u2019t blame any of these diet, but it was difficult for me to follow the same for more than 4 or 5 days. I got a tendency to start skipping slightly and loose the entire flow. But after Deepa's consultation and started following her diet, I never purposefully skipped the pattern (unless situation demands) and in a timeframe of 20 days, I lost 7kgs (I fall under obesity G2). Even if I skip something, I'll inform her the same and in next two days she will tune my diet to overcome the effect. 

Moreover, I%u2019m not starving at any single point of time. I%u2019m eating as much as I can and I guarantee you that her diet is not something just to follow during your weight loss program, but a lifelong diet. I%u2019m a non-vegetarian and during this diet I eat all sort of non-veg items, but needs to follow the instructions. So eventually I didn%u2019t cut short any of my dietary intake (some exceptions), but I added more and still reducing weight. That is why I kept the title as %u2018Magical Diet%u2019.

Thank you Deepa%u2026 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 30 Jun 2017

I am really  happy to share  my  review.
First things is
I fully  trust  you mam
I followed  ur diet properly
I reduced  4 .5 kg
Ur  menu is very simply and easy to  cook,
There  is  no  words to  say thanks..

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 30 Jun 2017

I had a great experience following the diet plan. I started at a weight of 111.8 and today after one months weigh 106.1kgs.could not have done this with out her help.
The diet is really great to follow and pretty simple and mam is always available to provide alternates and suggestions whenever required . Still have two months to go and looking forward 
Thank you mam

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 20 Jun 2017

I started working with Deepalekha from the month of May and I have already lost 6 pounds and noticed good inch loss.Despite the multiple stepbacks in the first month with vacation, work and sickness , I was able to shred some weight and feel motivated to achieve my target. Initially I was not sure if I would be able to follow a diet as I am quite a foody and have a sweet tooth but her diet plan was verstaile and I always felt content and not craving for more food. I have started to avoid sweets which is biggest enemy.

She listens to us carefully and plan the diet as needed for your body. Looking forward for the upcoming months.


Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Jun 2017

Deepaji's diet plan is wholesome, nutritious and 'user friendly' . There is no major shift from our normal diet. It is easy to follow. And I really learned to love all my veggies now, which I had been avoiding all along. The recipes are tasty. So one need not sulk thinking that dieting is difficult. It has helped me in reducing about 2.1 Kgs from my original weight of 70 Kgs within a span of three weeks. Thanks Deepaji. Please keep up the good work.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 31 May 2017

I'm Rathi Menon. My weight was 90kgs when I came to know about my dietician, Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee. By following the diet regime given by her my weight has decreased considerably well. She is an excellent dietician

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 28 May 2017

if you love to eat, Dt Deepalekha is the right person to start your diet with as she believes 'more u eat more u lose',.Never thought dieting could be this interesting with varities of food i could enjoy during dieting and weight loss. Craving is main destroyer of diet... with deepalekha's menu i will be satiated and no craving for anything. My culinary skills have improved a lot nowadays with her menu...i will be eagerly waiting for her msg every week " diet uploaded" to see what is new in menu for the week..i think there lies her secret of boredom u can feel .. dieting made lovable ...  she is very passionate and a  dedicated dietitian ... thank you deepalekha 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 20 May 2017

Dt.Deepelekha is a blessing in disguise. Her diet plans are so effective for a healthy weight loss.The best part of her diet charts is that you don't have to starve to lose weight.She is always available for our queries and is always in touch for regular updates.She provides a diet plan that is very easy to follow.She guides you on how  to eat it right. Thanks Mam for taking me through this healthy weight loss journey!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 18 May 2017

I had enrolled into a 3 month optimum weight loss programme with Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee. And now I am so happy to write this review for her. Following her diet for 3 months, I have lost 8 kilos so far! Health has incredibly improved. The diet plans were easy to follow and were according to what I like to eat, and the results were also immediate. I have become more more conscious of my food now, and health. The most friendly doctor and supportive lady I have ever met. Really looking forward for many more kilos to shed off, will re-post.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 09 May 2017

Im so happy to write this review for Deepalekha. I have been following her diet
for three months and lost 7 kilos so far! The best part is that I dont even get the feel that I'm dieting.One can never get bored following her diet as she gives a variety of options and combinations.She is very undersanding and patiently answers all your queries.
She also allows you to eat chocolate sometimes if you have cravings!I  Most importantly she gives you food that you like. I feel every person should follow her diet to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
Before starting her diet, I was very sceptical and  had alot of questions on my mind,
but as I am following her diet, I am happy to see a healthier version of me. Looking forward to lose more kilos in the coming months.
Thank you Deepalekha!!Hats off to you.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 06 May 2017

There are no words to describe the pain that I have gone through due to my obesity. Let's say you go to a shop to buy a shirt and pant. Unable to find the right size, I asked a boy there regarding the same. He said, "Sir! Your size is not available here". Please visit ALL Stores. That was a slap in the face to me saying "drop your size". Another scenario: I was in a lift packed with people and it says "Over capacity", my colleagues would suggest me to get off and take stairs. Took it on a positive note and tried a bit hard than what I did earlier by joining a Good gym that charges 12k for 6 months. The trainers there started saying, you will not reduce your size unless you hire a personal trainer. They forced me to buy protein powder that I never wanted to buy. When I ignored them and started doing Gym on my own, they stopped cooperating with me. I got fed up with them, transferred my Gym membership to somebody at a loss of 4k. I am back to the square again. By that point of time, I have tried jogging, walking, gym, crash diet etc. You name it, I tried it. Except visiting a Dietician, I tried all the possible ways of reducing my weight. I thought Why to waste amount by visiting somebody who takes off food from us when we can do it on our own?

But my dad insisted on visiting a dietitian. I have searched for various dietitians around my place. A lot of Big names, corporate clinics showed up in google with pretty good reviews. But all those reviews felt like scripted ones. But there was this lady that had close to 12-13 reviews where people poured their heart out on how she helped them reduce their weight. After going through the reviews I have been determined to visit her clinic. She is Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee.

The day I had visited her, all the doubts that I had on her ability to transform 'me' into a 'new me' have disappeared. I am a pure vegetarian. She has given me a plan that consists of eating all the healthy food that I never tried. I never felt a thing after switching to the diet. I feel the same energy that I used to feel when I was eating all the food that I should never have. It's been a month and I lost 6 kilos. I would have lost more hadn't been for my temporary relocation. I feel lighter now. I feel healthy. I feel that the journey to see myself as a 'new me' has just begun. All the thanks to Deepalekha Ma'am.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 Mar 2017

I contacted Dietitian Deepalekha in dec last year. I was a bit sceptical about going on diet....I thought there would be too many restrictions. But that was not the case. The diet plan is according to my lifestyle and it keeps me full. She can be contacted any time and answers your queries quickly. She has been very accommodating as I took a break of around 2 months...and in last 18 days i have lost around 3 kgs....happy to be back on track to lose more wt.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 29 Mar 2017

The most friendly doc I have ever met. Was full of positiveness in the very first meet and encouraged me to go for a healthy weight loss. Always ready to help even if it's a small thing and observes each and every details of what we eat which helps us inreturn to have a healthy weight loss. Overall it was a wonderful experience

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 22 Mar 2017

Am completely satisfied with your diet plans
Initially it was of course difficult but your well fitting diet plan and support and my will power helped me get through it 
I have been active for a long time but was not controlling my food habits ...Now with well planned diet has helped me to achieve my desired target
I have been scared for long to approach a dietitian coz thought I will have to starve but it was exactly opposite
My stamina has increased with right amount of protein intake.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 09 Mar 2017

Deepalekha madam is very caring and polite with the clients and clearly understanding the requirements and Working at her best towards customer satisfaction and in delivering positive results. Her diet is user friendly and it can be followed easily. She is always available  at any time in whats up that's really good to get clarifications. Finally she is doing her job perfectly.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 05 Mar 2017

Dexterity of few persons can't be talked about, we will sense it from them. I am really glad that i met dt. Deepalekha with one such capabilities. She was one of the reasons for many positive changes in my life. Yes, the best of diet and lifestyle. I never knew diet has so much to do with our life. She made me understand that. Her keen observations , warm advices , effective suggestions and lot more than  that she never stayed as just a dietitian- she was a good frnd of mine all through the course by helping me lift up. Believe me, her charts are loving, makes u work happily on ur dieting. I am on three months program with her and i have been able to reduce 5 kgs till now. Hope many gets shined up by her craft

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Feb 2017

 I am thankful to Dt.Deepaleka for showing me a right dieting lifestyle.I had taken a 3 month subscription with her.she is friendly and extremely cooperative.I was amazed to see my weight reducing day by day.she gives a diet plan for 7 days with different menus daily.It helped me learn new methods of healthy cooking.The diet mainly consists of  all sorts of foods, vegetables, & fruits.So I got enormous energy and didn't feel tired.Even physically I noticed enormous change.She studied my lifestyle and prepared the diet program.when I had change in my lifestyle(fever ,function)she altered the program according to my need.Whenever I had doubts,She was always available in WhatsApp,phone and clarified it.Even she extended my subscription,when she was not available.So I feel happy to recommend her strongly for others to get benefitted by her.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 17 Feb 2017

Started following Deepalekha Banerjee's diet about 40 days back, for weight loss. Till now it is going on just fine.

Due to my work many times, I could not follow the normal diet plan, so she immediately advise what diet to follow after that.

Her food options are also easy to prepare, and diet chart consist of normal day to day foods, which suits me.

Overall good experience and would like to continue the diet program.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 13 Feb 2017

Thank you so much for helping me to reduce weight. Your diet really works. I loose 3 kg in one month without being in starvation, infact eating more than what usually I use to. I hope I can reduce more weight in subsequent months. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 12 Feb 2017

I had enrolled into the 3-month optimum weight loss program. Mrs. Deepalekha has been amazing throughout. The diet plans were easy to follow and there were good results immediately. I plan to use her diet plans frequently to reduce weight further. Thank you so much Ma'am :) This was a great experience :)

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Feb 2017

Hello my friends, this is Bobby here. I contacted Mrs. Deepalekha 2 weeks back. At that time, I was around 70 Kilos. Now when I am writing this testimonial and I am actually 63.8 Kilos. That too while I am all the time eating...:-)

Actually, Deepalekha's diet chart is not only nutritious but tasty too and inspite of small portions, they keep me full. And I never feel low or weak. This is the best part.

One needs to be little disciplined with the timings however, and your body will start loosing the fat and you won't even realize it.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 06 Feb 2017

Very approachable and supportive lady. Thanks Deepa for all your help and support. It was great that I had you who took to me a healthy lifestyle. People no doubt, she is best. You can approach with 100% confidence and it works for sure. Once again thank you Deepa ji... :)

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 06 Feb 2017

I could never believe that eating more food could help in weight loss. She proved me wrong. She has even given biryani and fried rice in my diet. This is an altogether different experience and I love her positive approach and determination. Every time I felt low she was there to motivate me and assured that weight loss is possible. I can bet that she will not keep anyone hungry in the name of weight loss. She is an amazing person and I totally recommend her to all.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 28 Dec 2016

Service provided was very good. I have lost around 4.5 kgs. All time got advice whenever required. Thank you so much. Enjoyed losing weight thoroughly throughout the program. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Dec 2016

I lost 8kgs in 3months! I started the diet during the last week of august and i m very happy about the way i feel after this journey of weight loss. She was always there for all my queries. Even though i was in a diet-i ate alot and there was no starving. I could eat all kind of foods which were healthy and balanced at the same time. Thankyou deepalekha mam for this wonderful journey of weight loss.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 17 Nov 2016

When I came to know about Dt. Deepalekha, I was very much depressed with my weight. It was close to 80 Kg and I was clueless.  I met her, discussed with her about my life style, my diet, my problem and got suggestion to as well. Was in dilemma because I was sure that I am not going to reduce after this program as well. But believe me, I was proved completely wrong after 1.5 month. I have reduced close to 9 kg. I am now 71.5 Kg and I am happy.
I really wonder how little change in life style, proper balanced diet, little restriction and GREAT GUIDANCE can make the CHANGE.
Thank you Deepalekha , you are awesome .

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 08 Nov 2016

I have started this diet(Optimum weight loss) from 1st week of september.Its almost 2 months and i have lost 6 kgs.Thanks to Deepalekha mam for her wonderful diet chart suited for my needs.She is always available for any queries i ask.Her recipes are very creative and awesome.You dont feel like you are dieting as the diet is always balanced.
I want to continue under her diet guidance as long as i can.Thanks Deepalekha mam.


Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Nov 2016

Dr. Deepalekha is one of my good friend and wonderful dietician which I never seen, who understands me a lot..Her diet are very simple and no crash diet. I thought like always eating but I have reduced 5 kg within 6 weeks and am looking forward to reduce more.... she really understand my situation and problem and helps me a lot. Thank you so much Deepalekha

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 13 Sep 2016

I remember how frustrated I often felt when I was trying to lose weight, I was finding it almost impossible to reduce my weight, I tried many diet plans but no result,but since I started my diet plan with respected dr deepalekha banerjee,i have been following her diet plan for past one month. And I have lost almost 5 kgs.a big thank u to dr deepalekha Banerjee for bringing my smile back.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 21 Sep 2016

Invisible friend!!!! Thank  you soo very much for your guidance..weight loss is slow but steady with balanced diet ..and I am very happy. I have managed to loose 3 kgs  in 2 months part is more and loose more...u have taught me how to eat right food at right time...

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 31 Aug 2016

I was finding it almost impossible to reduce my weight, being in my perimenopausal stage....but since I started my diet plan with 360 Degree Nutricare owned by Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee, a month and a half back, I have finally managed to break the I have slowly started to shed my weight in a slow but steady manner and feel great

Submitted By: , Rating: 4/5*
On: 27 Aug 2016

 Hi my heart felt thanks to Dt.Deepalekha. Your diet plan really works. Your online service is very helpful especially for people like me living in village. It s easy to follow and best part is it does not involve starvation.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 23 Aug 2016

I was wondering , why some people will never put on weight even though they eat like mad.
Poor plight ...some people probably like me would easily gain weight ...awwww....I was pissed off by hearing these words...." I think you put on weight"..." You must reduce dude"....

So finally I decided I need to lose weight but by eating right....and I found my solution...Deepalekha ...
The way she made my diet chart was perfect...I lost 15 kg in 3 months in a healthy way...I am way more healthier....never try reducing weight without having proper food....know what to eat and Deepalekha will always guide you ...

Thanks a lot Deepa...u made my world more beautiful...

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 08 Feb 2016

I came to know about Dt Deepalekha through my sister, who consults her from Kuwait. In a month, my sister had lost 5 kilos and there was visible difference in her looks and health. I got confident and enrolled and I have no regrets. It is extremely difficult for me to follow a routine due to my work life as well as my nature. Deepa is extremely patient with me and has been customizing my diet to my extreme preferences until the minutest details. The best part is, she follows up regularly and asks me if I drank my water... if I ate my food etc. She is firm and sweet at the same time. Inspite of my irregular eating pattern, but by following whatever I can from Deepalekha's diet, I have managed to lose 4 kilos. I am going to have a long struggle with my weightloss, but with Deepalekha by my side, I am confident, my struggle will be much much shorter. She is a gem and a genuine person. Never let her go.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 08 Feb 2016

I think I'm the toughest client she has ever seen because of all sort of weight issues like thyroid, irregular periods high insulin etc.. I did tried gym workout , crash diets from Internet everythg gave  temporary results or 100 % negative results . Once I was tryg to find best dietician , Deepalekh's name popped up with full positive ratings, I was sceptical about the full ratings, met her with only half confidence , the way she handled me , listened my food habits etc made me gained confidence on her. It's going to be a month now. When I visited her during the first time I was at 75 now I'm 72.2 and still in decreasing trend.. I will not leave her till I reach 58 ( that's my goal she set). I'm already seeing positive results in thyroid , insulin level . When I can make such a healthy progress in few weeks short period I'm sure everyone can. if there is a life time card please send me one.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 28 Jul 2016

Dear Dr. Deepalekha,

I enrolled in your services for optimum weight loss a month back.
this is the first time I am trying to be on diet. As I am a diabetic I was actually a little doubtful if it would b effective. I am thankful to you to have made fruits and salad a part of my routine.
I stopped insulin within a month of practicing ur diet recommendations.
Even though my weight loss has been slow but its going down steadily & me able to manage my diabetes is  what really feels good. Thanks to you once again .

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Jul 2016

Doc doc doc .... The best dietician I ever came across till date.I was introduced to her via one of my close friend. Based in uk and mother to a 20 months baby I got into a very bad daily routine of not eating proper food ...well but I had to start it at some point.
Initially I was delaying to start up with diet becoz the idea of starving was making me nuts.Deepalekha definitely gave many things to eat but due to my daily routine I was not able to make it up to eat all wat she gave me. But YES there was no starving involved. Most important is I hated Salads & oats, but slowly got used to it and now I like them. She introduced me to all the healthy habits and healthy foods to lead a healthy & fit life ahead. She was 24/7 available for my stupid questions via watsapp messenger .She went nuts and I went nuts but the bottom line is I reduced  & that too a healthy way. All in all an excellent dietician.I still have long way to go

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 03 Jul 2016

You are the 1st dietitian I consulted. I always feared discussing my dietary habits with anyone because I was that bad. But there is some unique warmth with you that helped me get over my inhibitions. You gave me simple charts that I could stick too fairly easily.
I could not start the plan as we discussed, but thanks for accommodating my issues. At every step I found you as a guide to overcome all hurdles to remain healthy and think positive, to be on right track and lose weight.
Biggest thanks is definitely for introducing me to oats. I used to hate it earlier. Results are very encouraging and many many thanks for it.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Jun 2016

My best friend recommended to consult her and am following this diet for past 10 days online from USA and I have lost around 2.7 kgs in a healthy way and the good thing is I can see the problems I faced in my body before started reducing and I can feel healthier. I am not sure when she is sleeping but what ever doubt is there she is available to clarify me then and there.thank you so much for making us to have a healthy life and thanks for my Besttie for recommending her. A best Dietitian to consult.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 25 May 2016

A Biggggg thank you to Dt.Deepalekha for the kind of dedication you show towards ur work.. It\'s been a month that I started the diet and I don\'t feel that I am dieting at all and still managed to shed more than 5 kgs .. You are a magician he he .. Thank you for making me believe that I can become normal again..  Thank you for being available 24*7to clear all the questions i ask ..

I really wonder when you find time to sleep ??? 

Have already recommended a lot of people about you.. Keep rocking !!!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 18 May 2016

I reached Dt.Deepalekha for my daughter(a teenager) ,she lost almost 5 kgs in just 20 days, way to go.. i can definetely say the lose is bcos of diet 90% and the remaining is physical activities. Deepa\'s diet is well planned,  balanced and fortified of varieites, of  which you will feel no boredom . My daughter loves the  diet and finds it easy to follow. So no regrets of being on diet. Deepalekha is available in whatsapp to clear our doubts all the time. MOST DEDICATED DIETICIAN I have ever met . 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 13 May 2016

Have not felt I am dieting..... :):)  really a nice program to start with and the choice of food was awesome. Daily different varities and healthy too.... Have become a foodie now...... but healthy ones only with the help of nutritionist guidance. Thanks Deepalekha for your wonderful guidance and we even explored new varities of food.

Would definitely recommend to my friends.



Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Apr 2016

I have been following her diet for past 3 weeks. And i have lost 4.5 Kgs already. And more importantly Im prone to a lot of headaches. But touchwood! after following her diet, I havent had a headache. I initially thought i cannot do this. But she made it easy. And the best part is its no crash diet. Im losing my weight gradually.And i dont even have cravings!! I cannot find a better dietitian who is as dedicated as her. I really donno when she sleeps. Im feeling so confident that i will lose more weight sitting so far away from her in Middle East. Keep rocking Deepaji!! You are the best!



Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 23 Apr 2016

First time i started dieting under Deepalekha\'s supervision and it is the great experience as i have lost around 5 kgs of weight within one month,

The best part is i have lost weight without starving. The diet plans are dynamic and suitable to my lifestyle. Just we need to follow them with discipline.

You will get the result for sure. Thanks Deepalekha :)



Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 05 Apr 2016

This is no crash dieting, no extreme exercising but a very balanced and nutricious diet. When my husband decided finally to do sommething about his weight I was looking for a dietician like Deepalekha who will understand his crazy office hours, his office tours, our social commitments and then try to plan something around it rather than fit us right into a run-of-the-mill diet plan. You need commitment, transparency and support to do this diet just like anything else. This is a long term weight loss that you are looking into and not the flash diets which are of no good use. We did eat out on the weekends and my husband did go out for his business lunches and she didnt stop us from any of that. She just asks your options (and he being a vegetarian didnt leave us with too many) and helps you make a good decision regarding your outside meals and how to compensate it in the subsequent meals. Deepalekha is always just a whats app message or phone call away, she is very dedicated and will help to keep you on your toes. Her weight loss plan is quite personalised depending on the person\'s likes, dislikes, food habits etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a serious weight loss program which will help you achieve and maintain your optimum weight

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 21 Mar 2016

I am based out of MidEast, vegetarian, & mother of nine month old baby. Have been thinking of getting help from a dietitian for sometime but was sceptical, then someone recommended Deepalekha. I shall say she has come as a pleasant surprise and had proved all my worries wrong. Though haven\'t met her in person and our communication is mostly restricted to email, Whatsaap & phone but she is one superb professional very committed and ever willing to help. Her dedication and feedback has helped me to built discipline into my eating habits and over short period of two weeks have lost significant weight. Will highly recommend Deepalekha as an dietician with 5 stars. Thanks

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Jan 2016

I have tried various treatments for weightloss, despite being undergone various treatments there is no effective outcomes.While surfing about weightloss treatment by dietitians, I came across \"Deepalekha Banerjee\'s 360 Degree Nutricare\" and I consulted her. I am undergoing weightloss treatment for past three weeks and it results in very good prognosis.

Neither there is no regaining of lost weight nor rapid weightloss.

I ensure that there is a constant weightloss and I recommend everyone to consult her for the best and effective treatment.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Jan 2016

Dt.Deepalekha made the whole diet interesting and made it flexible according to my likes and preferences.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 17 Jan 2016

Dr Deepalekha Banerjee is an excellent dietician.  My mother was suffering from obesity and thyroid for past two years.  It was very difficult for her to walk due to over weight. I then registered with her in the optimum weight loss program offered by Dr Deepalekha Banerjee.  We are seeing results in the first week itself.  My mother has lost around 5 kgs in the first week itself and still losing more.  We hope to achive proper BMI for her in the coming days.   

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 13 Jan 2016

Deepalekha is one of the best dietitians I have come across in my many years of trying to loose weight in the US. It simply doesn\'t matter that she stays probably 20,000 miles away from me in India. We Skype and email regularly and boy oh bow, she KNOWS her stuff!! The best thing about her is that she really understands the guy on the opposite end and has never made me feel bad or low about my obesity. She is so empathetic! I won\'t even go into how technically sound she is! Without her recommendations, I would have never lost around 100 pounds that I have! All in all, this lady rocks! Guys, please give her consultation a try. She provides weight loss diet charts online. You won\'t be let down I am sure.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 14 Dec 2015

Deepalekha is a veteran and determined nutritionist who would bring result out of anyone at any expense but without crash diets. She is an angel to me and my wife. My wife was detected with a rare disease -haemolysis few years back. henceforth she has been consulting Deepalekha for diets. She also had induced high blood sugar. All came under control within weeks after following her diet. Her doctor also depends and relies on Dietitian Deepalekha\'s diet for his treatment. I too had undergone bypass surgery few months back and I too am consulting Dietician Deepalekha since then. I strongly recommend Deepalekha to all who want to lose weight and maintain the same life long and all others with other health issues. The best part with Deepalekha is she seems to have a positive solution to all health problems.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 10 Dec 2015

Let me start off by saying that Deepalekha is a great listener and pleasant to talk to. She is an excellent dietitian. Her diet plans are in accordance with one\'s routine and likes and dislikes pertaining to food which makes them easier to follow. she provides Online diet charts also provides diet for weight loss in her chennai clinic.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Dec 2015

 Dt Deepalekha has got an exceptional expertise in guiding on weight loss and helping out individual needs on weight management . She is very adept in her field of work and direct one towards their goal of weight loss or weight management, she takes an overall view on the reasons of weight increase and try to eliminate the actual cause of any obesity problems. Highly dedicated with a very amicable nature and she has a personal touch to all her Clients.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 26 Nov 2015

 I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dietician Deepalekha who totally transformed me,I never imagined that slight changes in my current lifestyle can bring so much difference. The whole experience was rewarding.Within just few month I shed about 4 Kgs. The diet charts are of great help with a lot of options to eat (otherwise you end up eating the same stuff everyday).

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Nov 2015

Started following Deepalekha\'s diet about a month back...extremely effective and highly personalized to provide maximum effect while managing my dietary likes and dislikes. Kudos to her for her continuous follow up with me and for motivating me throughout this journey.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 16 Nov 2015

A genuine person with an ear details to listening to people regarding their weight issues and in return giving them the correct suggestion. No hard or crash diets from her..her funda is simple eat right, exercise right and listen to her till T you will achieve what you aim for.

She has a very in depth knowledge on her subject and is too up to date with all the latest techniques. Her dieting techniques are more modern and doesn\'t not involve any set through pattern, Gives a very very personalised diet and routine to every individual as if it was designed only for that particular individual.

To loose correctly and scientifically is very imp both for ones present and future bodies. A healthy body and mind only can make one look beautiful and happy and she excels in that. As a Dietician is more of your friend who will give you the right guidance to loose healthy and still look WOW....I had a lot of fun in the 1 year that i was under her supervision and lost my kgs. Thanks for being their Dt Deepalekha through my journey from 65 to 55kgs. Look forward to more such sessions in the near future soon.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 14 Dec 2015

Dietitian deepakekha Banerjee seems as a guide n friend to me. She guided me through the path of healthy living. It seems she has a solution to all health related problems & how hard, unorganised your lifestyle may be she just finds a path to curb it to healthy living. She has an ocean if knowledge in her field of expertise. She goes to any extent & is determined to bring in positive results. I would highly recommend her to any person around me who needs nutritional guidance.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 11 Nov 2015

Deepalekha is one of the best dietitians I have come across in my many years of trying to loose weight in the US. It simply doesn\'t matter that she stays probably 20,000 miles away from me in India. We Skype and email regularly and boy oh bow, she KNOWS her stuff!! The best thing about her is that she really understands the guy on the opposite end and has never made me feel bad or low about my obesity. She is so empathetic! I won\'t even go into how technically sound she is! Without her recommendations, I would have never lost around 100 pounds that I have! All in all, this lady rocks! Guys, please give her consultation a try. You won\'t be let down I am sure.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Dec 2015

 A dietitian who understands client\'s requirements, she would built up your appetite /tone up your body/successfully make you loose your weight, keeping in mind your lifestyle, food habits, aptitude and financials. She is a trustworthy person with high integrity. A friendly person to interact with there have been numerous persons who has got benefited by her knowledge and skills. I would recommend her to anybody looking out for healthy living.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 24 Nov 2015

I started my weight loss journey with dietician Deepalekha Banerjee 4 months back and I have lost more than 10 kgs, with the help of her diet plans, diet principles & walking. Her program is brilliant, well researched, holistic and has a lot of variety to ensure that boredom doesn\'t creep in. She is like an angle in disguise. I have had a wonderful journey with her. Every query was resolved in time. I wonder if anyone can be as accommodating as her, when it comes to taking a break & getting back on track.

Thanks for being such a great mentor who is really patient. It has been totally worth everything. Her program has really helped me to achieve my goals that too \"Eating & Loosing\". People lose weight by dieting and I have lost by eating, SO VERY TRUE!!!!.

It was blissful when I was introduced to her & life completely changed for better. A brand new concept of eating and loosing helped me a lot. She is flexible and adaptable to my lifestyle. Checking the progress and improving results kept me going. She is available on phone all the time.

I am happy that I choose her for my weight loss journey. She didn\'t give me a diet rather she gave me a healthy lifestyle and I am still losing. Thumbs up to her hard work to convert this world into a healthy one. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 09 Sep 2015

I, Sonu singh shukla, have been fighting weight issues since teenage but never gave it a serious thought until one day i discovered that my mom has Thyroid issues. She was gaining weight because of that and it was really not worth the weight. I too got myself checked and found myself in permissible limits only. I knew its time and i have to be serious about my health and weight and more important myself.
The only source and guide i could have thought of was my bestie Deepalekha who is also an expert nutritionist. She has been my soul saviour and I cant thank her less everytime i see myself in the changed avatar. She completely transformed me and made me what i am  today by shedding 10 kgs in a year. 
It has been quite an interesting journey to weight loss from 65kgs to 55 kgs. Initially it was tough to accept it but she made sure that I follow the routine to T. She gave me a distant counselling via mails msgs and photos only. Minute details of my routine and habits were taken off to design the personalised diet routine. Her diet routine actually included what i really like to eat just with a different recipe. 
She gave a very well balanced diet to shed those extra kilos along with exercise and healthy lifestyle. You can relish all your favourite dishes under her supervision and still keep loosing that extra kilos. Its a complete magic. I loved my journey of weight loss with Deepalekha. She has completely different and innovative approach towards weight loss program from the usual conventional one where one starves to death because of not eating.
So all of you lucky people who gets enrolled with her in weight loss I promise you would love this fabulous journey. SO HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS. Stay fit

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 29 Oct 2015
Deepalekha Banerjee
Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee
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