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Lipid Profile Correction

Lipid Profile Correction

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lipid profile or lipid panel is a panel of blood tests used to find abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides. The results of this test can identify certain genetic diseases and can determine approximate risks for CVD or cardio vascular disease, certain forms of pancreatitis, and other diseases.

The lipid profile typically includes:

Using these values, a laboratory may also calculate:

The lipid profile tests are of 7 types:

  • Total lipids
  • Serum total cholesterol
  • serum HDL cholesterol
  • Total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol ratio
  • Serum triglycerides
  • Serum Phospholipids
  • Electrophoretic fractionation to determination percentage of
    • (a) Chylomicrons
    • (b) LDL
    • (c) VLDL
    • (d) HDL

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I am so glad I found you Deepalekha. Every week I look forward to the diet chart. All your recipies are so yum. I cant believe I eat so much and still feel light at the same time. Within a weeks time itself I could see the difference. I looked fresh and felt much healthy. Looking forward to the rest of the months to reach my goal. 

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On: 08 Nov 2018

I took a diet for my husband from deepalekha after we saw how she transformed one of our friend.
Well it's been a month and a half and her diet is really helping my husband to loose out some inches. He's becoming more conscious of his eating out and loves to snack out on fruits. She's very good at her work and always accessible. Looking forward for few more kilos to shed off , will re post 

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On: 25 Apr 2017

Apart from diet, health is improved. Wonderful experience. Lost 3 kilos in a month. Figure got corrected.

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On: 27 Mar 2017
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