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Testimonial | Diabetes Under control without medicine

Diabetes Under control without medicine

By  On: 04 September 2019

I am Sureshbabu, aged 52. I start by 6.30am in the morning for my work and will be back home at 9.15pm and hence scope for physical activity was very less. . I had a tough time reducing my weight and fasting sugar

I heard about Dt.Deepalekha’s dedication and personalised attention thru positive reviews and her no starving diet plan. It gave me a hope and I enrolled for 6 months “Diabetics management" programme in June 2019 after consultation. The diet was simple and easy to follow.

After 2 months, I have lost around 5 kgs and to my pleasant surprise my fasting sugar level was back to near normal i.e from 142 to 103. Another 4 months to go to become more fit and healthier.

Thanks to Dt.Deepalekha Banerjee.

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People with type I and type II diabetes can join this program. Diabetes is such a disease that gives invitation to all other diseases in a body. So diabetes management is of utmost importance. Through diabetes management, one can keep blood sugar level under control and lead a healthy and happy life. Even dosage of medication can also reduce if properly followed. Proper diabetes management involves weight management and lifestyle modification amongst other factors. This e-clinic provides you not only with guidelines and diet plans for weight management but also assissts you in lifestyle modification i.e. maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes can be checked at any level. So just make an attempt to change your world into a happy carefree healthy one with this e-clinic. Diabetes management is changing from within not only from outside and the e -clinic provides all support to achieve the same.

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Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee
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