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Testimonial | Reduced sugar reading by 128 points in these 26 days.

Reduced sugar reading by 128 points in these 26 days.

By  On: 15 February 2022

Deepalekha is a wonderful dietitian as she understands the fooding habit and then try to accommodate on our regular home food for reducing weight. Her diet charts are easy to follow and she takes special care that one should not have hunger pangs unlike other diet charts available on the internet. She helped me in reducing 9 Kgs in 26 days and she helped me reducing my high sugar by 128 points in these 26 days.

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People with type I and type II diabetes can join this program. Diabetes is such a disease that gives invitation to all other diseases in a body. So diabetes management is of utmost importance. Through diabetes management, one can keep blood sugar level under control and lead a healthy and happy life. Even dosage of medication can also reduce if properly followed. Proper diabetes management involves weight management and lifestyle modification amongst other factors. This e-clinic provides you not only with guidelines and diet plans for weight management but also assissts you in lifestyle modification i.e. maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes can be checked at any level. So just make an attempt to change your world into a happy carefree healthy one with this e-clinic. Diabetes management is changing from within not only from outside and the e -clinic provides all support to achieve the same.

Deepalekha Banerjee
Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee
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