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Testimonial | Lost 10 kgs in a year.

Lost 10 kgs in a year.

By  On: 29 October 2015

I, Sonu singh shukla, have been fighting weight issues since teenage but never gave it a serious thought until one day i discovered that my mom has Thyroid issues. She was gaining weight because of that and it was really not worth the weight. I too got myself checked and found myself in permissible limits only. I knew its time and i have to be serious about my health and weight and more important myself.
The only source and guide i could have thought of was my bestie Deepalekha who is also an expert nutritionist. She has been my soul saviour and I cant thank her less everytime i see myself in the changed avatar. She completely transformed me and made me what i am  today by shedding 10 kgs in a year. 
It has been quite an interesting journey to weight loss from 65kgs to 55 kgs. Initially it was tough to accept it but she made sure that I follow the routine to T. She gave me a distant counselling via mails msgs and photos only. Minute details of my routine and habits were taken off to design the personalised diet routine. Her diet routine actually included what i really like to eat just with a different recipe. 
She gave a very well balanced diet to shed those extra kilos along with exercise and healthy lifestyle. You can relish all your favourite dishes under her supervision and still keep loosing that extra kilos. Its a complete magic. I loved my journey of weight loss with Deepalekha. She has completely different and innovative approach towards weight loss program from the usual conventional one where one starves to death because of not eating.
So all of you lucky people who gets enrolled with her in weight loss I promise you would love this fabulous journey. SO HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS. Stay fit

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This program provides you with a detailed personalised diet plan based on an individual's height, weight, age, lifestyle and medical history. There is no starvation involved in the program. So no loss of stamina or feeling of weakness. The e-clinic does not believe in crash diets.The e-clinic fully assissts you in modifying your lifestyle and maintaining the same lifelong. The results are long lasting and there is no weight rebounce if healthy lifestyle and guidelines are maintained.

Hold the vision & Trust the process. Being Happy & consistent is also the key to achieve being healthy. If you have the intent and determination, result is on its way to get delivered. Welcome to my world of health, nutrition, wellness & lifestyle modificarion. Enjoy being foodie but in a healthy way. An individual has the option to eat more without compromising on his/her taste palette & choice of food by still be healrhy through balanced lifestyle and smart choice of food. Best top rated dietitian Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee gives customised diet plans or diet charts for all your nutritional needs. small health tips and tricks will also be added here to surge up your interest towards food & lifestyle.  Low calorie home made recipes will motivate one to work more towards being healthy, bring weight loss,  in diabetes management, reversing PCOS & PCOD, maintain healthy lifestyle and when it comes from the best nutritionist Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee based out of South Chennai Perumbakkam, OMR, Sholinganallur, pallikarnai area its best. Effective customised diet charts or diet plans for lactation, pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, CVD, Fatty liver, medication induced obesity, water retention, odema are provided here. Expert dietitian, Ms. Deepalekha Banerjee is best known for diet charts / diet plans for weight loss and reversing diabetes, PCOS & PCOD health related issues. Here is the solution to all nutritional & health issues. Thus hereby presenting a whole world of Balanced Living. 

The e-clinic runs fully online. So you save on time  and energy as there is no repeated visiting to clinics.  Nutritionist / Dietician Deepalekha Banerjee, provides weight loss Diet in Pallikaranai Chennai . She has more than 12 years of experience in the field of Diet & Nutrition. She is one of the best online dietitian and nutritionists in Pallikaranai perumbakkam south chennai, She provides diet consultations Online , online diet clinic , online diet charts and plans are provided. Register Now and begin your online weight loss & health journey with Famous Dietitian in South Chennai. Well known Dietician / Diet Expert in Chennai , pallikaranai, perumbakkam, India. Reduce Belly Fat with leading and best weight loss diet consultants in Ambal Nagar, Pallikaranai, Chennai Lose Weight, reduce belly fat Gain Muscle Mass with Best Dietician in Ambal Nagar, Pallikaranai Top Online Nutritionist in Chennai, Best diet clinic , Online weight loss diet , Online diet expert, online weight loss diet plans in Ambal Nagar,Chennai, Pallakranai for weight loss india
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